Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Prompt #1: What if...?

"What if...?" Powerful words, these are.

What if I had turned left instead of right? What if I had stayed home from school that day? What if Romeo had gotten Friar Lawrence's note in time? "What if" is the sound of sighs and disappointments, or maybe it's sometimes the tune of hope-- what if I win Publisher's Clearing House? What if he really does like me? What if she says yes when I ask her to the prom?

But let's go further...see where you can go with the quote from one of my favorite writers and directors, Woody Allen.

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Post your work in the comments below-- and send me the email address you're using so I can make you a contributor!!

Have fun!!
Mrs. Swaney

Monday, March 21, 2016


Y'all like experiments. I know this because I've been thinking out loud with you for a few months now and your imaginations are like little crazy carnivals happening in your brains all of the time. I can practically smell the cotton candy and popcorn when you start telling me your wild ideas-- I'm pretty sure I've heard the call of the ring master long after you've left my room and I'm throwing sidelong glances at my bookshelf, just in case I need to thwart the attack of an escaping villain...

So here is this: let's write. I'll post a writing prompt, you respond-- but here's the catch: keep it at 800 words (that is SO DIFFICULT!!!!)(do you hear my maniacal laughter???). There will be times you can go nuts, but for now...just for starters... 800 words.

Are you in? If you are, comment below and I'll add you as an author. We'll start this weekend...